Toddler accused of accidentally shooting his mother

(Photo: WSVN/CNN)
(Photo: WSVN/CNN)

MIRAMAR, FL (WSVN/CNN) - A toddler in South Florida may have accidentally shot and killed his mother.

Police are investigating the possibility, and questioning the boy's father who told them he witnessed it all.

The small, two-year-old boy is allegedly responsible for picking up a glock and shooting his own mother dead.

She was 33-year-old Julia Bennett.

"He was little. He couldn't - everybody saying that he couldn't do it," neighbor Abel Hernandez said.

He said she heard the single gunshot in the evening at the Miramar apartment complex where the family lived.

Moments later, police said the toddler's father called 911 saying his son pulled the trigger.

"Then, they took him right there up under the tree and they swabbed his mouth and they put - was checking for gun powder," neighbor Naomi Williams said.

Williams said the boy seemed unaware that his mother was dead inside the third floor apartment.

"He didn't know because he kept hollering, 'Mama!'" she said.

Neighbors have their doubt that the little boy, with small hands, could have handled the deadly weapon.

Meanwhile, detectives are working to determine if the story from the 911 call checks out.

"I'm very sad. I couldn't even eat supper. I'm just physically ill over the whole situation," another neighbor, Cathy Bryant, said.

Police said the gun belonged to the boy's father, who has a concealed weapons license.

No arrests have been made and the police said they are looking into all possibilities.

Child services is looking to find a family member who can take care of the toddler.

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