Christians in the Holy City commemorate Good Friday

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CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Today marks the commemoration of the story of Jesus Christ, from his betrayal by disciple Judas, trial before a council and governor, and crucifixion according to the gospel. Christians in the Holy City spent the day commemorating Good Friday.

"It's really important since Christ died on this day. My family and I like to get together to acknowledge it," Jacqueline Kastberg said.

"That's what my Catholic religion is all about. If it weren't for Jesus, then we wouldn't be redeemed," Norma Hathaway said.

Wet weather was not enough to keep the faithful away. Dominic Colella brought his two sons, Dominic Jr. and Anthony, to church.

"I want him to truly understand his faith, to live it, to be part of it, and make it part of his life," Dominic Colella said.

The Good Friday afternoon service at Saint John the Baptist Cathedral is all about reading Jesus' passion story, kissing the cross, and taking Holy Communion.

Father Gregory Wilson says it's important to come together as Good Friday marks the day Jesus was hung on the cross.

"It is important most particularly on this day to remember the great cost of the faith. That it was not free. That it was actually the precious blood of Christ that won us salvation," Father Wilson, Rector of the Cathedral said.

The big celebration comes two days later on Easter. Dominic is excited because it brings him closer to his first communion.

"Sunday is the day Jesus rose from the dead," Dominic said.

It is also an exciting day for younger brother Anthony.

"Because the Easter bunny comes and I got to pick up all the eggs," Anthony said.

Some other Catholic rituals on Good Friday include fasting by eating only one full meal and smaller snacks during the day and the abstinence from meat. Good Friday is not recognized as a federal holiday, but some towns and counties in South Carolina do close government offices in observance of the day.

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