SC State professor gets $450,000 biofuel grant

ORANGEBURG, SC (AP) - A South Carolina State University professor is leading a team of engineers and economists on a 3-year study into how to make biofuel cheaper.

Professor Jae-Dong Hong says 1 of the biggest reasons biofuels aren't taking over from traditional gasoline and diesel is because transporting, storing and handling biofuel makes up more than 25% of its total cost.

Hong says biofuel is a perishable item so it is much harder and costlier to store than gasoline.

Hong and his researchers have been given a $450,000 federal grant for their 3-year study. One goal is to emphasize making biofuel out of switchgrass along South Carolina's Interstate 95 corridor.

Hong says a new biofuel industry could bring jobs and money to the state's poorest regions.

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