2 injured in North Charleston club shooting

The North Charleston Police Department says two people were injured in a shooting at a club on Rivers Avenue early Sunday morning.

Police were called out to G & G Banquet Hall around midnight in response to shots being fired in the area. When officers arrived on the scene they found numerous vehicles leaving the area and people running in different directions.

Witnesses say two young men began fighting inside the Banquet Hall when one of them started firing shots.

"Security guards tried to break it up, then the kid pulled out a gun and started shooting," said one witness who wants to remain unidentified.

Ausy McConnell said he dropped his three teens off at the party which he thought looked safe.

"Cops were patting kids down outside the door. Everything seemed pretty calm and under control," said McConnell.

"When I got that call from my son, all I could think was 'Oh my goodness, please don't let one of my kids be lying on the ground when I get there,'" said McConnell.

Witnesses say the shots were fired inside the club before the fight started and saw a black male with a revolver shooting. But employees and bouncers at the club say that there were no gun shots inside of the club and what everybody heard was a table falling over.

Authorities say one person suffered from a gunshot wound to the foot and another victim was shot in the leg. None of the injuries are life-threatening. Officers located shell casings on the ground of the parking lot in front of the club.

This shooting is still under investigation. No arrests have been made.

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