Cab company puts panic buttons inside taxis for drivers

CHARLESTON, SC - A local taxicab company has gone high tech to protect its drivers from criminals.

Yellow Cab of Charleston recently installed panic buttons inside all of its cabs which allow drivers to let dispatchers know if they are in an emergency situation.

"Anytime our drivers get into a panic situation, a trauma situation, immediate danger, there is a button in every one of the cabs they can push," said Yellow Cab Vice President Jerry Crosby. "Automatically it shuts the system off back here in the dispatch office."

Crosby said the dispatcher would then call 911. "Because every cab has a GPS on it, we can tell 911 exactly where the cab is so there's no confusion."

Crosby said so far the system has worked and that the cabbies aren't complaining. "They realize they've got somebody else keeping an eye on them, so that's a good thing."

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