Summerville outreach ministry looking for a new home

SUMMERVILLE SC, (WCSC)-Pastor Celeste Sheperd and her husband have spent more than a decade of time tending to the flock of outreach ministries they have started.

Since that time Seedtime Harvest on Boone Hill Road has expanded the outreach they provide in the Summerville area.

David Cosper says the ministry has given him a new lease on life and short term place to call home.

The six units also house the ministries community food pantry.

"You transition from being locked up to having nothing and they will help you slowly build everything up," David Cosper said.

Cosper moved to Charleston from Savannah.

Cosper says he spent a stint of time in jail and says the Sheperds along with a renewed faith in God has made all the difference.

"There are no homeless shelters in Summerville and people that have no place to live they gave us an opportunity," Cosper said.

Theresa Bowers is also part of the jail outreach program and says after being released the ministry encouraged her to get her GED and start over.

"I got a part time job and its given me a place to live and a support system,"Bowers said.

Two weeks ago the ministry got word that the six apartments that have been providing families short term living are now being sold.

"I don't want to end up back where I was so it's real hard its real hard to deal with.

The Shepherds hope that they can transition into one of the vacant properties around where they are now and keep the outreach program alive.

"My hope is that everything comes through not only helping me but able to help others,"said Bowers.

Pastor Shepherd says the property owner is giving the tenants in the complex 30 days to move.

Shepherd says her ministry has applied for several grants which she says have not come through.

Shepherd says in order to keep her non profit outreach program afloat the ministry is in need of a new housing and funding.

The ministry is funded by the community and from private donations said Shepherd.

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