Parole hearing for accessory in Constable's murder 'too soon'

Constable Robert Bailey
Constable Robert Bailey

HANAHAN, SC (WCSC) - Richie Hill can't escape May 14, 2007, when his partner, Constable Robert Bailey, was murdered after a traffic stop in Lincolnville. The reminders are everywhere. The events are on repeat in his mind.

On Wednesday, Hill says he will re-live the day that changed his life at the parole hearing of a woman who took part in the crime.

After a little more than a year behind bars, Asia Prioleau is up for parole. Last February, she was sentenced to 15 years as an accessory to the murder and kidnapping of 67-year-old Bailey.

Hill says knew the day was coming, but he didn't think it would be here this soon.

"It's going to be a very tough day," says the Corporal. "If for some reason she's given parole, I'll take it in stride and get back up on the horse, keep pushing forward."

Even though he is prepared for either outcome, Hill thinks the hearing is premature.

The Hanahan police officer says he doesn't think she has had enough time to really think about the crime she helped commit. He will still take the ride up to Columbia for the hearing to support the memory of his good friend and his family.

"It's going be interesting how I sort out the feelings," Hill said.

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