Parole denied for inmates serving time for accessory in constable's murder

Constable Robert Bailey
Constable Robert Bailey
Bailey's family, after parole was denied (Source: Alan Campbell)
Bailey's family, after parole was denied (Source: Alan Campbell)

COLUMBIA, SC (WCSC) - A man and woman sentenced for accessory after the fact in the murder of a Lincolnville state constable were denied parole Wednesday.

Parole for Jerome Washington and Asia Prioleau was rejected in Columbia on Wednesday.

"My only regret was I wasn't there that night with him,"said Carmine Damato.

Damato wasn't just Constable Robert Bailey's partner, he was also his son-in-law. Damato and Bailey's family and friends watched the Columbia parole hearing from a room inside the National Guard armory in North Charleston.

They were also able to tell the judge through video conferencing why they thought Prioleau and Washington should not get parole. They didn't have to wait long for the parole decision. Family members clapped as they heard "rejected."

In 2007, Constable Bailey was shot at a traffic stop in Linconville. Bailey's body was found later buried in a shallow grave off I-26 in Orangeburg County.

Damato says he will be back every year the suspects are up for parole to make sure they serve their full sentences.

Washington is serving 12 years for his involvement in the murder of Constable Bailey.Prioleau is serving 15 years as an accessory to the murder and kidnapping.

Both inmates have served a little more than a year of their sentences.

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