Woman says TV station's weather App saved her daughter during tornadoes

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - When severe weather hits, Columbia television news viewers have been encouraged to use the WIS Weather App.

It helped one Midland's mother Wednesday night protect her daughter who was hundreds of miles away in Tuscaloosa. "It was honestly the scariest moment of my life," said Rossi Theodore.

University of Alabama junior Rossi Theodore lived that moment in the basement of her home near the Tuscaloosa campus. "It all kind of hit us when we were down in the basement - that this was serious," said Rossi.

A text to her mom, Elyse, in Columbia helped her and six other students survive the storm.

When Elyse got the text, she called her daughter. "She said their phones weren't working," said Elyse, "We don't really have contact to the outside world to find out what is going on. Can you look up on your computer? So I had the iPad sitting right there, and I went to the WIS Weather App that I have on there."

The app showed her heavy rain and a tornado warning for the corner intersection where Rossi's house sits. "I said you need to stay put and get away from any windows," said Elyse, "You gotta few more minutes to go."

So Rossi and her roommates waited as the tornado passed over their house. "It was terrible, all the things it did," said Rossi, "And it was just pure luck and God that was with us last night."

The situation left Rossi and her family thankful for the app and the information it provided.

WIS is a sister station of Live 5 News. If you have an Android phone, you can search "Live 5 News" for the same exact weather app. An iPhone and iPad version will be released soon.

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