Vandals strike Elementary School

Vandals took advantage of Easter break, with an all-out mission to try to destroy classrooms at Pulaski Elementary School in Savannah, Ga.

Twenty-five classroom were torn apart and discovered Monday morning. As the clean up continues, the school is trying to keep learning on track but teachers want to know who did this?

Instead of teaching, many Pulaski Elementary teachers are cleaning up.

"I cannot believe the amount of damage that was done over a weekend," Anne Alderman said.

Alderman has spent 33 years educating children. Ten of those years have been at Pulaski Elementary. Over the weekend, someone broke into more than two dozen classrooms and offices.

"We have had small vandalism but we have never had anything like this happen," Alderman said. "These kids who came in took out windows, they used fire extinguishers and sprayed them all over every classroom. They weren't looking for valuables they were looking for what they could destroy and they did a nice job because we have a lot of mess and a lot of cleanup to do."

"This is the first time I have ever experienced anything quite like this and hopefully the last," Principal Kamal Piankhi said.

Piankhi's office was also hit by the vandals. While youngsters returning to school may not grasp the severity of the situation, the teachers did.

"We were furious yesterday and this morning when some of the other teachers came in," Alderman said. "There were teachers in tears because a lot of this stuff is what they bought. What they value. It's like their home and they destroyed it.  There is no reason for it. No reason whatsoever."

At least 15 windows were smashed in. Those are being replaced right now. The cleanup could take a few days, but the biggest concern right now is making sure students do not have their education disrupted.

"They are learning today even though half the school is messed up," Alderman said. Students have been doubled up into other classrooms while the clean up continues.

"It's an incredibly disappointing feeling. You wonder the mentality of some persons why they would want to hinder learning," Piankhi said. "At the same time it makes you determined to give the students what they need to make sure instruction will go on."

Teenagers are the suspected culprits. When they are caught, whoever did this could face more than just the wrath of the law.

"We got a lot of teachers, if they find out who they are, a lot of teachers who would love to talk to them," Alderman said. "They'd love to have a conversation with these kids."

The vandalism did disrupt preparation for CRCT testing, including a pep rally planned for this week.

The Savannah-Chatham school campus police are investigating. If you have any information on who is responsible, contact CrimeStoppers at 912.234.2020.

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