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Nun stuck in elevator 4 days

Sister Margaret Geary explains being trapped for four days. (Source: WBFF/CNN) Sister Margaret Geary explains being trapped for four days. (Source: WBFF/CNN)

BALTIMORE (WBFF/CNN) - An elderly nun in Maryland was trapped in an elevator for nearly four days.

"For four nights and three days, I lived in this elevator," Sister Margaret Geary said. "It was either panic or pray."

The 85-year-old nun was alone in the convent while her fellow sisters had left town for a convention, but this woman of faith turned her bad situation into a positive experience.

"The realization of God's loving presence in our lives always, there's not a moment when God is not present with us, loving us," Geary said.

Geary survived on celery sticks and a little water that she happened to have.

"And when there was no more water left I reached in my pocket and opened up one of these, my cough drops," she said.

Days after the elevator broke, Geary opted to use the stairs, but a week later, she fell and broke her kneecap. Now she is back to using the elevator.

While she is still nursing her wounds from the stairs, she is grateful for her spiritual stint stuck between floors.

"I was saying, 'Thank you God, this is great, I'm so glad to be in contact with you, I accept this as a gift,'" she said.

Geary says it has only strengthened her relationship with God.

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