Local combat photographer wants Bin Laden photos released

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The director of the CIA wants pictures of Osama bin Laden's body released. Leon Panetta hinted that the government will eventually release them. As the world waits to see if those photos will come out, a Lowcountry combat photographer believes they should.

Stacy Pearsall has been a combat photographer for 12 years. She said she believes the photos of Osama bin Laden should be released because they will provide closure for so many Americans.

"Those pictures are proof to that end and that chapter and I believe it's important to release those to the public," Pearsall said Tuesday.

Pearsall did say the release should be done in a thoughtful manner and not released to the media, but rather posted on a website where only people who really want to see the images can log on.

She said combat photos provide a glimpse into history, something most people would never experience without the images.

"We would not know what it'd be like to be in that moment," she said.

She references the pictures taken as President Barack Obama and White House officials watched the raid on Bin Laden's compound on Sunday.

Pearsall said their reactions are just as important as the action they were watching.

"The action that's going on is actually behind that big moment," she said.

But unless the White House decides to release photos of that big moment, the photos already released will have to do.

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