Mom gives birth outside St. Stephen gas station

ST. STEPHEN, SC (WCSC) - A special delivery at a Berkeley County gas station, just in time for Mother's day. A police officer and a convenience store clerk in Saint Stephen helped a woman deliver her baby, right by the gas pumps Wednesday night.

Iris Mack says it was after 10:30 p.m., and her expectant daughter had been complaining of back pains. She says then they realized what was really happening were labor pains.

"It's a scary feeling because you don't know what could go wrong. She had her contractions so fast," Mack said.

She says as her daughter Shanice Felden went into labor, she pulled into Kangaroo Express for help.

"It was the greatest thing that he was there because if I was out here by myself I wouldn't know what to do," Mack said.

St. Stephen police officer Robert Johnson was there at the time talking to the store clerk about a recent string of robberies in the area.

"At the same time she yelled from the car, the baby's head is out. I need your help. That's when I ran up there," Johnson said.

He says a young expectant mother wasn't quite what he was expecting, but he grabbed his gloves to help deliver a baby for the first time in his life.

Johnson says he called 911 to get EMS on the scene, but the little bundle of joy was already headed out into the world.

"It was crying. The baby actually opened his eyes, looked at me like thank you," Johnson said.

Johnson says with store clerk Whitney Connor's help, he delivered little seven-pound Kaylee Felden into the world right in the Kangaroo Express parking lot. Both say that quick 3 to 5-minute time span was a life-changing experience.

"I'll never be able to forget helping someone bring their child into the world," Connor said.

"To see that, to bring life into the world, to know that you had a part is something special," Johnson said.

An ambulance rushed mom and baby to a Charleston hospital more than 50 miles away, where both are now in good condition. Mack tells me her daughter's due date wasn't until Friday.

Officer Johnson says he was supposed to be off duty by 10 p.m., but he decided to stay on late to help the store clerk close.

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