Bust nets $1M worth of ecstasy

Ridgeland Police Officer Chris Malphrus turned what could have been a routine traffic stop into a large drug bust on Interstate 95.

"I observed a silver Honda minivan pass by that was driving erratic," said Malphrus. "I felt the driver was possibly under the influence or falling asleep.

Malphrus said that using his training, he investigated further and with the help of his K-9 Scout they uncovered thousands of pills of ecstasy.

"[I] found they actually constructed a compartment underneath the car that was accessed underneath the passenger's side," said Malphrus. "In the compartment we located 22 one-pound packages totaling 22,000 pounds of ecstasy."

That's about 22,000 pills with a street value of close to $1 million.

"I'm pretty excited," said Malphrus. "It's not every day that the average street cop gets to be involved in a big seizure like this."

And if all of this would have hit the streets?

"Of course, it would have put more money into the organization's pockets and bank accounts so they could have operated even better," said Malphrus. "By taking them off the streets, it saves lives and obviously effects the drug traffic on our streets and in America."

Police arrested the driver of the van and three passengers, charging them with trafficking ecstasy. While police are still investing, they say arresting these four will likely have a big impact.

"Based on my training experience, based on the amount of pills and narcotics here, they're pretty high up in the organization they're working for," said Malphrus.

Police are still investigating and trying to figure out where the pills came from and who else is involved. Police say the four arrested were traveling from New York to Florida.

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