Parents weigh in on dash cam video of arrest

Garden City police say a man just out of prison was arrested after threatening to kill his parents and walking to their home with a loaded shotgun.

The man remains in jail, but his family is speaking out. They are defending their son,claiming he was a victim of police brutality.

The police dash cam video shows a man in the back of a police car kicking and bashing his own head into the doors.

Police Chief David Lyons said they encountered a lunatic walking down the street with a loaded shotgun who said he was going to 410 Oak St. to kill his parents.

Lyons was talking about 34-year-old Stephen Smith, who appeared in court Wednesday morning.

Smith's parents, Julius and Mattarine, watched the video of their son being arrested.

"If I saw someone like that, I would have got an ambulance and put him in a straight jacket," Julius Smith said.

Lyons said Smith ditched his gun and ran after being spotted by police. He said that Smith ran around the side of the home with the gun in his hand.

He said that then Smith came out of the front door as if he had just woke up and had no gun.

Smith was arrested and the shotgun was located.

Lyons described what happened on the dash cam video: Smith saw the officers walking toward car with the gun and that Smith went nuts. Because a crowd was gathering, officers removed him from the scene.

The police cruiser stopped in the Westside shopping center parking lot.

"Next thing I know I got someone saying they got him in the Westside Shopping Center saying they are beating him up," Julius Smith said.

Lyon said that officers made the decision already to get Smith out of the car and put leg restraints on him to keep him from destroying the patrol car and hurting himself.

Lyons said that Smith began trying to bang his own head on the pavement.

Smith's parents say their son was drunk and was the victim.

Smith remains behind bars after his preliminary hearing. He faces charges of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, public drunkenness and more.

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