Giant school brawl has students and parents afraid for safety

(Photo: KTRK/CNN)
(Photo: KTRK/CNN)

SPRING, TX (KTRK/CNN) - A serious fight at a Texas high school has students and parents on edge after two students were hurt so badly they had to go to the hospital.

"It was like a huge uproar things were being thrown people were yelling and screaming," a Dekaney High School senior said.

He said he watched from the sidelines as the chaos unfolded in the hallway.

"I just saw blood like on the floor while walking to class. I saw like trails and trails of blood and stuff," he said.

It was another student who captured the nasty brawl on cell phone video and now that parents have seen it, they are concerned for their children's safety.

"I know parents are really terrified. My friend's parents are about to take him out of school," the senior said.

Parents said they want an explanation, and that the fight wasn't just a scuffle, it was an all out riot.

Christina Nelson has two ninth-graders at the school and said she wants the district to be more open about how it plans to prevent these types of dangerous incidents from happening again.

"I'm not comfortable and I don't feel they are doing everything they should do," Nelson said.

But school Principal Delic Loyde said fights like this are not normal on campus and while they still don't know what sparked it, they are investigating.

She said they now have extra security at the school.

Meanwhile, parents and students fear a repeat.

"I think the teachers and principals are really trying to keep things under control but they are really out numbered. It's going to happen again. That's not even a question," the senior said.

The principal said she plans to send a letter home to parents explaining the school's zero tolerance policy.

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