'Home Alone' house for sale

(Photo: WGN/CNN)
(Photo: WGN/CNN)

WINNETKA, LA (WGN/CNN) – The house where Macaulay Culkin was left "Home Alone" is now on the market for $2.4 million.

The gorgeous house in Winnetka, IL, is the home of the 1990 Blockbuster film, "Home Alone," and for almost half a year Cynthia Abendshien and her family shared their entire half-acre lot with the Hollywood film crew.

"Originally, we had been told it'd be about four or five weeks, but it ended up being stretched to 5 1/2 months," Abendshien said.

For the movie, the only original piece of furniture that remained in the film was the piano.

During filming, the homeowners learned a lot about movie magic. For example, the back door used in one scene does not actually exist. The film crew covered the back porch with fake brick and created the door.

"There was a lot of stunt work involved in this movie, and they explained that actors don't know when its rented furniture versus your furniture, and that was enough for us," Abendshien said. "So we decided we'd move it all out."

Although offered, the Abendshiens did not keep any of the props used in the movie, but the wonderful experience will be with them forever.

"We've met so many people, just stopping by to take a picture, people from all over the world, and almost entirely very nice people," Abendshien said.

Viewing of the home is available by appointment to prequalified clients only.

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