Witness holds teen suspect at gunpoint until cops arrive

WALTERBORO, SC (WCSC) - A man who witnessed a car break-in Tuesday got his gun and held a teenage suspect at gunpoint until police arrived.

Walterboro police responded to a call regarding a man attempting to steal from inside a car Tuesday morning. Officers were told by dispatch that a witness had the suspect detained at gunpoint.

Upon arrival, two witnesses told police that they walked out the back door of a business located at 128 N. Memorial St. around 10:20 a.m. and saw someone inside the victim's car. According to a police report, the witnesses asked the victim if she had a passenger in her car and she said she didn't. Then, one of the witnesses grabbed his gun and approached the suspect.

The juvenile suspect tried to ride off on his bicycle, but the witness ordered him to stop. The suspect stopped and was held at gunpoint until police arrived, a report states.

The suspect was placed under arrest and during a search of the suspect officers found 75 cents and a lady's gold ring. The suspect was transported to City Hall for an interview with his parent and then he was released.

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