Family lives in tent after tornadoes

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WTOC) - Some neighborhoods in Alabama were leveled from massive tornadoes that ripped through the area a few weeks ago.

One family is living in a tent and doesn't know what the future holds for them.

"This is what's left of where we live," said Angel Blocker of Alabama.

Blocker described what she once had before the storm.

"These were right in front of my house. These two bushes. It didn't look like it did anything to them," she said.

Now all that's left is the dirt where her trailer once stood. She lives in a tent with her son and daughter and is trying to figure out how to start over.

"You just don't think you'll ever be in this situation," she said.

Blocker's parents and her pregnant sister who lost everything.

"We'd just had a baby shower a few weeks ago," she said.

The Blockers don't have insurance. She won't forget the day the storms came through. She recalled the color of the sky when the tornado was forming, what she felt when she saw it spinning out of control and  the sounds of her windows shattering.

"I sit and have flashes of sitting on the my couch we used to have, kids playing their xBox and, you know, just enjoying life," she recalled.

Blocker said the one thing making it easier is the generosity of people. They were provided clothes, food, water and toiletries. They look forward to the vans pulling up with supplies.

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