Legislator, mayor, students rally around student barred from prom

NEW YORK (WTNH/CNN) – A student at a Shelton, CT, high school who is banned from attending his prom is gaining internet support and major media attention.

"This is a memory you can't get back, it's ridiculous," said a student.

In the middle of the night, James Tate and two friends taped cardboard letters on Shelton High School, saying, "Sonali Rodrigues will you go to the prom with me? HMU."

Tate received a one-day suspension and was banned from attending the prom, which prompted thousands to "like" the "Let James Tate go to the prom" Facebook page.

Even the mayor of Shelton suggested school officials reconsider.

One state representative prepared legislation - an actual amendment to an education bill - that would allow Tate to perform community service rather than miss the prom.

Shelton High School's head master is sticking to a school rule that says any student suspended after April 1, for any reason, would not be allowed to attend the prom.

The chances for Tate to go to the prom are not promising, even with sympathetic groans on talk shows and rave reviews from fellow students for the stunt he pulled.

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