Nature enthusiasts strip down at Angel Oak

JOHNS ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - Twenty-five men and women posed nude for a California photographer Saturday at Charleston's legendary Angel Oak. The group took the picture to make a statement to remind others to preserve nature.

Photographer Jack Gescheidt started the project six years ago when he had a personal experience that made him want to use his talents to bring attention to the environment.

"The Angel Oak, she's so beautiful. I don't want her livelihood to be threatened," Gescheidt said.

The group got in place in the tree then stripped down in front of other on-lookers. Charleston police arrived five minutes later, but no one was arrested.

"It wasnt my intention to upset anyone, just to make a photograph," Gescheidt said.

Gescheidt decided to come to Charleston when he heard a development was in the works on the property of Angel Oak. A developer is putting a two-acre buffer zone around the tree if his plans are approved.

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