Boeing brings innovative ways for customers to shop

Where do you go shopping to buy seats for an airplane? Boeing executives tell us they have a brand new way for the 57 customers who have ordered the company's 787 Dreamliners.

The interior of every plane to be assembled in North Charleston is conceived in a West Coast showroom.

Tiny airplanes in the Dreamliner Gallery in Everett, Washington represent customers with orders for the 787 Dreamliner.

The curved walls in the gallery coax you from room to room. This is where those customers choose what goes in the Dreamliners they order.  It's a brand new concept.

Now, instead of looking at pictures, the customers come to the Dreamliner gallery and see, touch and feel it.

The room is where the airlines decide on the passenger seats.  As a matter of fact, one airlines actually brought their frequent fliers here to decide on the comfort of the seats.The company offers six different manufacturers.

In another room there are galleys or kitchen areas and everything that goes in them from different suppliers all over the world.

Off to the side, there is a functioning kitchen with the same levels of power found on an airplane. Customers can try out the equipment, from coffee makers to trash compactors.

This makes a huge difference when the order is 74 airplanes as is the case of International Lease Finance Corporation or ILFC.  All Nippon, a Japanese airline getting the first Dreamliner, has 55 planes on order.

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