9 things you probably didn't know your smart phone can do

It seems like everyone has a smart phone these days, but with all the apps available, smart phones can be so much more than just a way to make call and send text messages.  So, here are nine things you probably didn't know your smart phone could do.

9. Red Laser

This app helps you find the best prices when you're shopping. It scans the barcode of the item you're looking to buy and searches for low online and local prices from hundreds of thousands of retailer.  If you need it quick and in a hurry, it'll tell you where the closest store is.

8. The Daily Burn

John Pyle uses it to track his diet. "It allows me to record the amount of calories that I'm taking in each day. I hit the track nutrition button and there's the bar code scan which pulls up the camera. All I have to do is find the bar code on the box, hold it next to it, and it scans it. It'll tell me the nutrition facts about it. I can add that, what meal I ate it for, the serving size, and it will record the food and keep up the entire day. So at the end of the day, I can see my total calories consumed, amount of protein and amount of carbohydrates," Pyle said.

7. Heart Fitness

This is a fitness-related app. Larry Taghon, owner of a computer technology store knows how it works. Taghon said, "As I move my finger across the flash, the flash lights up my finger and the camera measures the pulse rate. It'll take 30 seconds to do the measurement and when it's done, it'll give us a chart here. It'll show us our fitness level."

6. iAlcohol Lite

This app allows you to track your blood alcohol level. If you type in your height, weight, and how much you've had to drink, it will give you a guess as to how long it will be before it's safe for you to drive.

5. E-Reader

You can download the Kindle app on an iPhone or an android phone. You can buy books or download thousands of free books. Another perk is available. If you already have a Kindle, it syncs with your phone app. You can read your books on your phone or on your Kindle.

4. Find iPhone

This is for smart phone users who need help finding their phone. If your car or home is broken into and your phone is stolen, it will tell you its locations  You might even be able to find the thief.

3. Trapster

You can avoid getting a speeding ticket with this app for iPhones or Android phones. It alerts you as you approach speed traps, dangerous intersections, check points or known locations of officers.

2. Aim

If you need a tape measure on the fly, you can use this app instead. It allows you to measure things with your iPhone. All you need to do is select two points to get the height of an object. You can also use it to measure the range and/or width of an object.

1. Air Cam

This app allows you to view a live video feed from your computer's web cam directly on your phone. If you need a baby monitor, set up your web cam in the baby's bedroom and check up on your child without stepping into the room. It also picks up sound in case the baby starts to cry. On top of that, it can be used as a surveillance system when you're away from home by giving you a live view of pets and roommates.

All of these apps are available on both the iPhone and Android phones, although some of them may be under slightly different names. Don't forget, you can also get all your important news on your smart phone as well. We have a Live 5 News app available for iPhones, Android phones, and blackberries. Just search "Live 5 News" in the app store and download our app.