Getting started on Facebook and changing your privacy settings

If you haven't joined the over 600 million people on Facebook, you are missing out. Facebook offers tools and services for everyone. You can share photos and videos, stay in touch with friends, browse pictures, read news stories, plan events, network, play games, chat and just have fun.

If you are ready to sign up, go to and create a free account on the right side of the page. Once you fill out your information, you will want to add a photo and create a biography for your profile page.

Next, you will want to change your privacy settings. To do so, hover over the word "Account" in the upper right hand corner of the page and then click "Privacy Settings." Once there, you will have several options.

You can choose from allowing everyone, friends of friends, friends only or custom privacy settings. Choose which applies to you. If you choose custom, you can determine which items on Facebook you would like to keep private and which you would like to share. Custom is the recommended privacy setting.

Once you have adjusted your privacy settings, it is time to get your name out there by requesting friendships from family members and friends. Search for people with the search bar in the top middle of the page. Once you find someone, simply click the "Add as a friend" button. If that person chooses to accept your friendship, then you will be connected with them on Facebook.

There is so much you can do on Facebook including uploading photos from your recent vacation and updating your status with what you're doing or what you're thinking about. You can also search for pages and "Like" the page. For example, if you search for "Live 5 News," and like our page, you will receive news updates from the Tri-County area that will automatically show up in your news feed.

The news feed gives you one, easy and convenient place to see news and updates from your friends, family and the place you live. If you have a mobile device, we suggest downloading the Facebook app from your phone's app store to get Facebook on the go. Good luck setting up your page!

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