Sheriff's Office: Burglar beat up after caught stealing copper

COLLETON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - William Sherrill and his two brothers own three car repair businesses in Colleton County. Between the three shops, they say they have been burglarized nearly 15 times in 23 years. Thieves are making off with scrap metal, anything from engines to actual cars.

"The price of metal is so high and the economy is so bad," Sherrill said.

Whatever the reason for the thefts, the thieves haven't stopped.  In February, Live 5 News did a story about the burglaries. Tuesday, they were hit again at their storage facility in Round-O.

"They backed up to it and ripped the door down," Sherrill said.

Sherrill's brother caught two guys raiding their building during the day. One man got away, but the other got into a fight with Sherrill, who held him down until sheriff's deputies arrived.

According to the incident report, 22-year-old Brett Thrower of Summerville was arrested and charged with burglary. Thrower admitted it was his cousin, Tyler Caddin, who helped him steal the scrap metal.

Deputies are still searching for Caddin.

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