Best workout machines for women

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The musty smell of the gym, surrounded by dozens of machines,  waiting to get you in shape.  But where do you start?

"It's very intimidating," admits American Athletics member Cheryl Kister.

Pat Westmoreland agreed.

"You don't want to ask anybody, bother anybody to find out how to work the equipment," Westmoreland said.

Turns out that there's good reason why we're intimidated, according to fitness trainer Lynda Matlashewski.

"I think with the machines and stuff they still aren't focused on women.  Because women have a tendency to have a petit build.  So it's very hard for some women to get into a machine because of their leg length or hip length.  Or height," Matlashewski said.

Never fear, because WMBF News went to Matlashewski to find out the machines that work out best for the ladies.  In the entire gym, she said you need to focus on three machines.

"Let's head over to what's called the dual cable," Matlashewski explained. "Nice thing about this is that you can do a full body on this.  You can change . There are lots of toys you can change on this."

You can work your chest, back, abs, legs, shoulders, biceps and triceps all in one place.

"With strength training equipment they want to do something where they don't have to spend a lot of time.  A lot of women you find don't want to live in the gym one or two hours a day.  Who has time for that? Especially when you have family, a job and everything else," Matlashewski said.

Start off with smaller weights with more reps and two or three cycles.  That one machine can cover your entire body.

But for the second two on her list, you need to find the cardio machines.

Matlashewski said women can really benefit from The Summit and The Eliptical.

"The Summit is one thing.  It's like you are climbing a mountain or stairs.  The cross-trainers or Eliptical Trainers are good because it focus on the lower body.  For most women that's one of the areas they want to focus on."

Matlashewski suggested you do cardio bursts, about 10 minutes in between your weight lifting for best results.

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