Website puts beer specials in your hand

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Beer specials are a beacon for anyone hankering for a brewski. Wilmington start-up TayloeGray is helping come to consumer's rescue with a new website called ""

TayloeGray was contacted by a major Anheuser-Busch distributor in Florida to help build the site. The idea is to connect consumers with the price specials in their immediate community.

"Anyone who likes beer, likes beer specials," said Andrew Gray, a partner at TayloeGray.

Gray is a UNCW grad who is now using the school's text messaging service as a platform for eBevseeker.

After confirming that the user is 21-years-of-age, the site prompts to enter zip code, email, phone and Facebook information.

Once registered, users receive either a text message, email or Facebook post notifying them of the best deals and brands at their nearest bar, grocer, gas station or anywhere else Anheuser-Busch brands are sold. Users can customize how they receive the messages.

"The goal of this is to sell more beer I'm assuming!" Gray exclaimed.

The project took about 500 man-power hours to complete at TayloeGray's downtown office. The company works with several local companies like Coastal Cupcakes and DryCase, but is now gaining national attention.

"We love working with Wilmington companies but we love it when random people call from across the country with the next cool idea that we can build for them here in Wilmington," said Gray.

The site may have been constructed near Wilmington's Market Street, but it's not in the city's market.

At least, not yet.

The full roll-out plan is being kept under lock-and-key.

Gray recommends logging on to the site and contacting the company to ask for expansion into their area.

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