Firefighters hit the streets to keep Johns Island safe

JOHNS ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - In less than two hours, 12 brand new smoke alarms were installed in a high-risk fire area on Johns Island Saturday. Firefighters in the St. Johns Fire District went door-to-door in connection with a state-wide initiative called the "Get Alarmed, South Carolina" program.

"It's a wake up call for everybody," says Johns Island Fire Captain James Ghi. "Our goal is to get out to every resident in the St. Johns Fire District to ensure their smoke alarms are operating properly...and just make sure their safe."

With his sights set on offering alarms to the entire island, Captain Ghi says they started in more remote areas that were further away from fire stations.

"There's several areas on Johns Island that are very spread out," says Ghi. "It's very important these people get an early warning if there's a fire in their home."

The Captain says smoke alarms are the first line of defense for people and their possessions and should be in every bedroom and on every floor of the house.

Maggie McKellips invited the firefighters into her Johns Island home because she wasn't confident her alarms were setup correctly and then was told she didn't have enough smoke alarms.

"We've only got one smoke detector in the house and I was nervous that that wasn't enough because of the layout of the house," says McKellips. "When I had them come in they were like 'yeah you need another one,' so I'm really glad that they're doing this. I think its great."

Captain Ghi says to keep people like McKellips safe he'll walk door to door every day if he has too.

"We want to see them under these circumstances," Ghi says.  "Coming to there home knocking on the door and installing the smoke alarm versus coming to their home and having to pull a hose line and going to put a fire out."

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