Cops charge driver struck by train for stopping on railroad tracks

GOOSE CREEK, SC (WCSC) - Police say a 49-year-old man will be charged after he stopped his car on the railroad tracks Friday and was struck by a train in Goose Creek.

The Goose Creek Police Department says Althaeus Whitfield of Moncks Corner will be charged with stopping on railroad tracks, a misdemeanor that carries a fine up to $200 or 30 days in jail.

According to investigators, an officer who was assigned to a funeral procession was at the intersection of Highway 52 and Red Bank Road directing traffic. Police say cars on Red Bank Road that had a red light were signaled to remain stopped by the officer so as to allow the funeral traffic to continue on US 52.

According to authorities, when the light turned green on Red Bank Road, three cars that had already crossed the railroad tracks did not move. It was at this point, police say Whitfield pulled his car forward onto the tracks behind the three cars.

Police say Whitfield was unable to back up due to another car pulling up behind him. Whitfield's car was then struck which caused his car to hit three others.

According to authorities, the officer conducting the traffic followed correct procedure and was unaware of Whitfield's car on the train tracks.

Police say it is against the law to stop on train tracks.

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