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Former car dealer enters plea in wire fraud case, second charge dismissed


The owner of the former Johnny's Car Dealership entered an Alford Plea to a charge of conspiracy to commit wire fraud as part of a negotiated agreement, his attorney said.

Johnny Dangerfield entered the plea to the charge on Dec. 20, 2013, as part of a negotiated plea that called for probation with no restitution or fine, according to attorney Lionel S. Lofton. The agreement also allows Dangerfield to operate an automobile dealership, and seek lines of credit and floor plan agreements from financial institutions.

A judge also dismissed a bank fraud indictment against Dangerfield in July, court records state.

The wire fraud charges involved Dangerfield's dealings with Suzuki Motor Corporation between 2004 and 2009 and did not involve any bank fraud, Lofton said.

Dangerfield pleaded not guilty to the charges before a bond judge at his arraignment.

In an Alford Plea, the defendant maintains his innocence, but acknowledges the prosecution's evidence could likely persuade a judge or jury of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

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