Boeing's mighty impact in the Lowcountry

Driving to the Charleston airport, you can't miss it. The huge Boeing building has been under construction for a year and a half.

The day the giant doors fold back and Boeing starts building airplanes, Charleston should feel it.

A boost to the Charleston area economy of $5.9 billion per year and add in another $186 million for the rest of the state and you get $6.14 billion annually.

It's the same amount spent running South Carolina's state government for a year. Those figures don't include the ten thousand jobs and $1.4 billion dollar impact of construction.

The eco-friendly building incorporates the best of all Boeing facilities with the hurricane proof windows bringing light into the 1.2 million square foot space.

The open span of the building is 460 feet which means the door opening is a little more than one and a half football fields.

Officials says it allows the factory to put the largest planes next to each other, wing tip to wing tip which gives flexibility for future Boeing projects.

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