SC Legislature overrides veto on health plan bill

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - The South Carolina Legislature's first override of a veto by Gov. Nikki Haley will allow two public agencies to join the state health insurance plan.

The House voted 96-12 on Thursday to override Haley's veto. It came a day after the Senate voted 27-6 to do the same.

Republican Rep. Garry Smith of Simpsonville says the bill is designed to allow Piedmont Municipal Power and the Greater Greenville Sanitation District to join the state health plan.

Haley opposed the bill, saying it would expand the health plan to non-state agencies and increase the state's liabilities.

Smith says the law's current wording left out only those two public agencies. He says adding people to a group health plan spreads out the liability.

Budget advisers say the measure has no fiscal impact.

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