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Most Wanted suspect turns self in after son saw him on TV


A Live 5 Most Wanted suspect turned himself after authorities say the man's son saw him on TV.

Summerville Police arrested Grant Brown after he turned himself in Monday, following a Live 5 Most Wanted report.

Brown was wanted on a charge of criminal domestic violence in connection with an attack on his girlfriend in September 2010.

Police say Brown dragged the woman through a fast food parking lot and took her car.

"Some criminal domestic violence's are different than others. This one was just out of control when it comes to witnesses watching," said Summerville Police Capt. Jon Rogers.

"We've got people seeing him drag the victim in this case through the parking lot and ultimately taking the keys from her and taking the car. Thankfully he let go of her. Ultimately she could have been run over."

Officers found the victim's car not far from the restaurant.

"If anybody can drag someone through a parking lot then steal their car, we consider them dangerous."

Rogers said that Brown's son told his father that he saw him on TV and the suspect turned himself in shortly after.

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