Lowcountry may be one big traffic jam this summer

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - A giant traffic jam could happen in the Lowcountry this summer as construction plugs up roads from West Ashley, to Mt.  Pleasant , to Interstate 26 and even the Crosstown.

For more than a year, large orange barrels have called Glenn McConnell Parkway home. The Charleston County road widening project can't be missed nor will it be missed by businesses in the area.

"People just don't think we're open," said James Hopersberger who manages deliveries at Baroni's Pizza, a family owned restaurant in Ashley Crossing.

He says business hasn't only been affected in the store, but also take out...

"People don't want to come here and pick up the food because they don't want to deal with the traffic during dinner time," Hopersberger said.

He says the roadwork adds at least 10 to 15 minutes onto any delivery, but the construction issues aren't just in West Ashley. It is also north, east and south too.

"Construction is pretty bad," said resident Dara Hammand.

Hammond lives in West Ashley and says it is a nightmare to drive to work in Mt. Pleasant.

"I can't drive over the Ravenel Bridge without something happening whether it be traffic of another driver or something of that nature," Hammond said.

Hammond can expect issues until late 2012 when the Johnnie Dodds road construction is slated to wrap up.

"Between the driving and the cars in front of you and the construction and the people - you gotta add at least 15 minutes to your commute," Hammond said.

Something to keep in mind for commuters through the city like Hammond, construction at the Crosstown is breaking ground in the heart of Charleston. That is going to be another hot spot so drivers will have to find alternative routes.

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