Georgetown County choir helping flood victims

GEORGETOWN COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - A Georgetown County choir is helping Mississippi flood victims. The kids helping are part of the Georgetown High School gospel choir.

The joyful sounds of gospel music rang through the halls of Georgetown High as the school's gospel choir wraps up last minute practice before heading out to help heal the hearts of others with their voices.

Every year, the choir of 9th through 12th graders travels to two different states. They sing at nursing homes, churches and various functions using music and their voices as therapy for others.

Choir coordinator Leona Reed says at the beginning of the school year, the choir chose to sing in Vicksburg, Mississippi and New Orleans.

"Somehow we ended up picking the town that was effected by the flood," says Reed."It was preplanned and predestined and now that's where we are going to sing a benefit concert to the flood victims."

Shakera Stewart says she's eager to use her voice to help others.

"I believe singing to them will help lift up their spirits and will help them get the right mindset back that they can get everything back that they lost," 11th grader Stewart said.]

The students raised $9500 but are still $500 short. They still plan to leave early Friday morning with or without the extra money.

While down there, they also hope to spend a day helping flood victims rebuild.

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