Tri-County GOP statement criticizes Legislators, Democrats

The Chairmen of the Tri-County GOP released a statement Saturday calling for South Carolina State Legislators to "return to Columbia and complete the work of the people of South Carolina."

"We are asking them to please go back to work, comply with the Governor's Order and to please finish what 'We the People' have asked them to do," the statement reads.

The statement also details the Lowcountry Republicans' frustration with Democrats.

The statement expresses GOP leaders' feelings that "It is time for the Republican leaders, who hold majorities, to lead and stand up against the Do-Nothing Democrats who are impeding and blocking legislation that benefit the taxpayers and hard working citizens of South Carolina."

These Republican leaders of Berkeley, Dorchester and Charleston County went on to discuss specific pieces of legislation.

"The reform bill for the Department of Administration and the Arizona style immigration bill would improve the management of our state government and ensure the safety of our citizens," the statement reads.

The failure to pass these bills before leaving Columbia has left constituents angry and disappointed with their Representatives according to these GOP leaders.

"They don't want to hear about rules - they want results. They don't want legal maneuvers -  they want results.  They don't want political posturing - they want results. It is up to Representatives - elected by the people of South Carolina - to provide those results," the Chairmen stated.

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