Debate over Senate callback hits boiling point

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The hot water at the state's capital has boiled over into the Lowcountry. Outcries regarding the Senate's return to the Capitol under Governor Nikki Haley orders were heard from both sides of the political debate Saturday.

"In this case she is dead wrong," says Senator Robert Ford.

Ford is furious about the Governor's decision to bring the Senate back for a special session Tuesday.

"I thought she was joking at first but then everybody found out she was serious," says Ford. "We're not going back... Her ego-tripping days on this are over."

But for every critic, the Governor and her decision are gaining supporters.

"We are united in asking that the full Senate body to please return to Columbia," says the Chairman of the Charleston County Republican Party Lin Bennett.

Bennett and leaders of two additional Lowcountry Republican parties are urging the Senate to return to finish what they started. Something Governor Haley is also adamant about and expressed that during her visit to Charleston Friday.

"What we are going to stop doing now is saying 'Oh, when the Legislature's done too bad'," said Governor Haley. "We're going to start saying, 'No.' We're also going to finish what we promised the people."

Those promises are everything from passing immigration to government restructuring bills on to finalizing a bill to create a Department of Administration to replace the State's Budget Control Board.

But before anything can be passed Tuesday, Senator Glenn McConnell says he'll challenge the governor's orders. Orders he believes are unconstitutional.

"My job as president pro tem is to try and protect the constitution and make sure we don't do something illegal," says McConnell. "This is a poor political move by Governor Haley. I will have a lawsuit waiting first thing Monday morning.

However, that lawsuit doesn't seem to phase the Governor, who is already looking forward to a productive day.

"I have faith in this Legislature that they understand when it is time to come to work Tuesday morning at 10 p.m.," says Governor Haley. "They understand they have to show up for work."

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