Cottageville residents demand answers about former mayor's death

COTTAGEVILLE, SC (WCSC) - Over 50 Cottageville residents came out for a town council meeting on Monday night demanding answers from the mayor about the May 16 shooting death of Bert Reeves.

Many wanted to know why officer Randall Price, who is accused of shooting Reeves, was hired in the first place after being fired or discharged four times in his law enforcement past.

But the mayor, Margaret Steen, who is also Reeves' aunt, said she won't answer anyone's questions until an investigation is complete.

"We cannot answer what we do not know, and we feel it would be inappropriate to discuss this matter at a public meeting," Steen said.

Mullins McLeod, attorney for the Reeves family, said the two men had been feuding for months and believes this was a personal issue, not a police matter.

Cottageville's police chief says Price has been an excellent officer and has proven himself with the department since he was hired in 2008.

A state prosecutor asked the Federal Grand Jury to investigate this case.

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