Letter to Boeing Workers in SC from Union President

The union is not out to close the new Boeing plant in Charleston - those words Wednesday night from the president of the Machinists Union in the Puget Sound. Tom Wroblewski...District President of the International Association of Machinists has written a letter to Boeing workers in South Carolina. He says in part:

"Far more American jobs would be created if Boeing brought home just a fraction of the work that has been outsourced to foreign companies on the 787."

The union has been fighting to keep the 787 Dreamliner second assembly work in the Puget Sound region. Wroblewski says the union will lose 1,800 jobs when the new North Charleston plant is fully up and running.

[Read the complete letter]

The National Labor Relations board is recommending the Charleston plant remain open, but the 787 final assembly work be sent back to Washington State. The union is suggesting Boeing bring its overseas work to the new Charleston plant.

A hearing before an NLRB administrative judge is set for June 14 in Seattle, Washington. A congressional hearing is being called for North Charleston on June 17 to investigate the NLRB's action against Boeing.

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