Cops: Rape suspect said 'I'll be back on the streets' after previous arrest

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A man charged with kidnapping and raping a woman in West Ashley last month has a history of breaking the law.

Marion Lamont Brown was arrested Wednesday afternoon by Charleston County sheriff's deputies. He faces six charges including second-degree criminal sexual conduct, grand larceny of a motor vehicle, kidnapping and second-degree assault and battery.

Investigators say an artist's sketch and DNA evidence led them to Brown. This isn't the first time Brown has been placed in handcuffs.

In Jan. 2010, police say Brown attempted to sexually assault a 50-year-old woman on Johns Island. Brown was arrested and charged with assault or a high and aggravated nature. He was released on a $50,000 bond and has not gone to trial for that charge.

During the process of completing paperwork after his January arrest, a police report states that Brown made comments such as, "I don't care. I'm already on probation," and "I'm almost 21, I'll be back on the streets any ways."

The victim in January's incident told police that a black man wearing a tan jacket with plaid pajama bottoms tried to rape her. While en route to the victim, officers saw a man walking at a fast pace in the parking lot of a gas station near the incident location. The man matched the description and he was placed in custody.

While interviewing the victim, police learned that while the victim was walking to her mailbox at her apartment complex she saw the suspect standing on the corner of an apartment building. As she walked past him, he began to follow her.

The victim told investigators that Brown began a conversation and asked her "How you doing?" to which she replied "Not doing well at all thanks," as she continued walking. Brown then allegedly said "I can make you feel better," and the victim replied "No, you can't."

Brown then asked, "Wanna have sex?" and she replied "No. I don't wanna have sex."

The victim began walking back to her apartment without stopping at the mailboxes. At that point, Brown allegedly reached out and grabbed her buttocks with one hand. The victim started walking away as fast as she could, but was unable to move quickly due to arthritis in her legs.

According to a police report, the victim observed an unopened condom in Brown's mouth and then yelled "leave me alone or I'll knock you out." The suspect replied back by saying, "If you scream, I'll knock you out."

The victim was able to make it to a neighbor's apartment and started to bang on the door and scream for help. The offender then fled on foot.

Brown was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. Police found the unopened condom in Brown's jacket pocket.

Brown's rap sheet shows that he has been previously convicted of several other crimes, including assault and battery with intent to kill back in 2006.

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