Judge: Boeing employees can not join case against NLRB

A new development in a Boeing battle with the National Labor Relations Board. A judge has ruled three Charleston Boeing employees can not join the case with Boeing against the NLRB.

The workers believe they will lose their jobs if the plant is forced to shut down. But the NLRB says the workers interests in the case are already being represented by Boeing.

The NLRB lawsuit accuses Boeing of moving to South Carolina in retaliation against unions in Washington state.

The hearing between Boeing and the NLRB is next Tuesday in Seattle.

"It is unbelievable that the judge bought the general counsel's argument that the employees do not have a 'legitimate direct interest' in saving their jobs," said President of National Right to Work, Mark Mix. "This is yet another example of a misguided federal labor policy that favors big labor and big business despite the flowery language about employee rights."

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