ARB member tells chair he is "sick and tired of this board"

A Georgetown City Architectural Review Board meeting turned ugly Monday night after a YouTube video shows an upset board member verbally attacking the chairman over a fence issue.

The video shows board member Dick Newcomb asking for the board to permanently approve him placing a fence on his property at 113 Meeting Street. Chairman Rene King refused to vote on his request, which upset Newcomb.

The incident involved Newcomb becoming agitated and at one point asking King how stupid he is. King said the comments were uncalled for.

This was the second time Newcomb has asked the board for approval. He made the first request last July, and the board agreed to allow him to place the fence, but only for one year. On Monday, he hoped the board would allow to keep his fence permanently.

Newcomb seemed aggravated that although his fence has been up for almost a year, the board had yet to send someone out to inspect it, a point that he made to King, telling him that they could have had someone look at it before Monday's meeting.

"It's in the complete back area of my back yard," Newcomb said. "Do I have to draw you a picture?"

After King replied "no", and said that the board would wait to vote until they had seen the fence in person, Newcomb let his frustration boil over.

"You have had two weeks to look at it. You could have knocked on my door and come and seen it," Newcomb said. "You are making it adversarial Mr. King. This is the second time I have been through this with this board. I am asking how stupid you are that you can't understand what I've got."

Newcomb went on to show King a drawing of what the fence looked like in his back yard.

"You are going to answer this today. I am tired of this board having to come for site reviews and everything else," Newcomb argued. "You just make it one step after another. Vote on it one way or another. You don't need to come to my house again. Why is it so hard for you as an individual to use some common sense to see it?"

Newcomb then threatened to sue King and added, "I am sick and tired of this board thinking they have rights to tell me what I can and can't do in this damn town."

The board decided that until an on-site meeting is scheduled, a decision would not be made.

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