Portuguese man-of-war showing up on Folly Beach, IOP

Source: NOAA
Source: NOAA

FOLLY BEACH, SC (AP) - Wildlife officials say Portuguese man-of-war are showing up off the South Carolina coast, equipped with long tentacles that carry a sting like fire.

Several of the jellyfish-like creatures have been spotted off the coast near Charleston. Officials have gotten reports on the animals from Folly Beach, the Isle of Palms and Dewees Island in the past week.

Mel Bell with the Natural Resources Department says it's unusual to find the tropical animals off the South Carolina coast. But Bell says they can be blown onshore from the Gulf Stream.

Julie Rawle of Charleston saw one off Folly Beach on Wednesday and said the part on top of the water was shiny and blue. The purple tentacles can be up to 60 feet long.

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