Septima Clark construction to close roads

Storm drainage work on the Septima Clark Parkway will cause road closures and force utility relocations starting Monday.

South Carolina Electric & Gas, AT&T and O.L. Thompson Construction Company will relocate utilities on Bogard Street and President Street in the coming weeks.

Bogard Street is expected to be closed from Monday, June 13 to Tuesday, July 26.

The closure for President Street is scheduled to start Monday, June 20 and end Wednesday, August 10.

These roads will be closed 24 hours a day. During these periods, detour routes will be marked.

This construction is part of an $11.3 million project intended to address flooding problems on the road.

"The beginning of the work to address the serious drainage issues along the Septima Clark Parkway is a welcome sight for everyone who travels that highway and lives in neighborhoods nearby.  As we continue to work for funding to complete the project, the first phase will implement the initial work on the solution for a serious problem in our community," said Mayor Joseph P. Riley, Jr.

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