The Citadel approves lowest tuition fee in 11-years

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The Citadel Board of Visitors approved an in-state college tuition and fees increase Saturday that is the lowest in 11-years

Tuition will rise 3.5 percent for in-state students and 9 percent for out-of-state students for the 2011-2012 academic year.

"We face a balancing act – keep costs as low as possible without undermining the integrity of a Citadel education," said Thomas J. Elzey, executive vice president for finance, administration and operations. "With this budget The Citadel is moving forward to ensure our capacity to provide the high quality academic and leadership experience our students, families and alumni expect."

The Board of Visitors voted at its regular meeting Saturday morning. State mandatory tuition and fees will increase as follows:

South Carolina Corps of Cadets

  • From $9,871 to $10,216 for in-state cadets
  • From $24,800 to $27,033 for out-of-state cadets

Citadel Graduate College

  • $460 to $501 a credit hour for in-state graduate students
  • $756 to $824 a credit our for out-of-state graduate students
  • $365 to $398 a credit hour for in-state evening undergraduate students
  • $640 to $698 a credit hour for out-of-state evening undergraduate students

The tuition and fees change for 2011-2012 includes a slight increase in the cost of board due to rising food costs and athletic and leadership program fees.

Because of the unique requirements in the Corps of Cadets undergraduate program, payment over the course of a school year at other colleges and universities are paid up front at The Citadel.

The "all-in" cost includes such things as room, board, laundry/dry cleaning, infirmary use and costs for uniforms, books and living expenses like haircuts and toiletries. These are mandatory costs because all cadets are required to live on campus and all cadets are required to purchase their uniforms their freshman year. And because cadets do not leave campus as often as other college students do, certain services like an infirmary and laundry and dry cleaning are provided on campus.

The "all-in" cost to enroll in the Corps of Cadets will be:

In State
Freshmen: $23,884 ($22,949)
Sophomores: $19,818 ($18,833)
Juniors: $19,818, ($18,783)
Seniors: $19,718 ($18,783)
(Numbers in parenthesis are 2010-2011)

Freshman: $40,701 ($37,878)
Sophomores:$36,635 ($33,812) 
Juniors: $36,635 ($33,712) 
Seniors: $36,535 ($33,712)
(Numbers in parenthesis are 2010-2011)

This represents an average "all-in" cost increase of 4.8 percent for in-state cadets and 8.2 percent for out-of-state cadets.

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