Police: Shots fired at Walterboro home

WALTERBORO, SC (WCSC) - Walterboro police are investigating after a resident reported multiple shots were fired at his home on Thursday night.

Walterboro Police Department officers responded to the alleged shooting at a home on Singleton Street around 8:30 p.m.

The resident told police that he heard a knock at the door and saw what appeared to be 5 young men with dreadlocks standing at his front door.  The resident said that after he cracked the door open to see what they wanted, one of the men pointed a gun at him.  After shutting the door, the resident told police that the gunman fired 4-5 shots at the resident.

Officers at the scene said they found a broken window pane, a hole in the front door, a hole in the wall, and a bullet hole in a pot on the floor.

No casings were recovered from the scene.  This investigation is ongoing.

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