Weiner scandal sparks discussion of sexting laws in SC

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The Anthony Weiner sexting scandal has sparked discussion on the status of sexting laws in South Carolina.

Right now there is no such law in our state governing sexting between adults.

A proposed bill in the South Carolina Legislature would make it illegal for teens to sext.

The misdemeanor would affect anyone between 12 and 17 years old. Under the legislation, anyone in that age group who knowingly transmits sexually explicit photos on a cell phone or computer would face a $100 fine and be required to complete an educational program.

Charleston County Representative Chip Limehouse is one of the sponsors of the teen sexting bill.

"I'm certain with the Anthony Weiner situation that we might see some legislation dealing with adults before it's all over with," Limehouse said.

"Sexting, texting, all these things are new and we're struggling as lawmakers to catch up with that and still protect and preserve our freedoms and rights. So you see the sticky wicket that places us as lawmakers."

The teen sexting bill is in committee. Limehouse thinks it will become law next year.

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