College of Charleston keeps in-state tuition flat

Charleston, SC (AP) - The College of Charleston is opting not to change tuition for in-state students this year.

The school says its board of trustees did vote Monday to raise tuition prices for out-of-state students by 5 percent. South Carolina students will pay just under $10,000 this coming year.

Out-of-state students will pay more than $24,000. Board chairman Greg Padgett says the school is trying to be sensitive to economic challenges being felt by families around the country. The board meets again June 30 to approve a final budget for the coming academic year.

Last year, the college raised in-state tuition by nearly 15 percent and upped out-of-state tuition by 6 percent. College president George Benson said those increases were needed because of big cuts in state funding for the school.

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