First day of Boeing, NLRB hearing adjourns in Seattle

SEATTLE - (AP) - Boeing attorney William Kilberg told a judge in Seattle that the company intends to file a motion to dismiss the case as a hearing opened Tuesday.

The judge excused Boeing and the National Labor Relations Board's lawyers to continue private legal bargaining on motions and appeals. Court re-convenes Wednesday. The judge has not ruled on Boeing's request for summary dismissal of case.

The NLRB accuses Boeing of illegally retaliating against union workers for past strikes by adding a non-union assembly line for its new 787 passenger jet in North Charleston.

The NLRB said the remedy should include moving the South Carolina assembly work to Washington state, where other 787s are assembled.

Kilberg says the legal dispute has cast a shadow the company. He says the process has affected Boeing, its employees, its supplies and its investments.

The case is being heard by administrative law judge Clifford Anderson.

Outside the courthouse before the hearing Boeing worker Paul Veltkamp says he thinks the  company broke the law.

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