Report: Man pulls gun on car mechanics during rim repossession

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Police arrested a 32-year-old man accused of using a gun to threaten mechanics over work done to his car in North Charleston.

The North Charleston Police Department charged David Joseph Wright of Huger with unlawfully carrying of a pistol.

On Wednesday afternoon officers responded to 6185 Rivers Ave. for a dispute involving a gun. Witnesses told police that Wright had arrived to complain about being harassed about the tires and rims he was renting.

According to investigators, the manager told workers to remove the tires and rims and place the vehicle on blocks due to Wright not making his payments on time.

A police report states that when the workers began to jack up the car, Wright opened the rear passenger door and pulled out a pistol. The subject then said,"Y''all need to get away from my car," and loudly racked the slide on the gun, police say.

When officers arrived, the witnesses were escorted to the car and started to remove the tires and rims. As work was being done to the car, officers say they saw the pistol in the back pouch of the front passenger seat.

The officers then went into the store and asked Wright if he had a permit for the gun. The suspect said he did not want to provide any information until he was placed under arrest for unlawful carrying a pistol.

When officer arrested Wright, he told police that the gun was his and he just bought it a couple of days ago. Wright also said that he didn't know he couldn't carry the pistol in the seat.

Police say the pistol was a Hi-Point .380 semi-auto pistol with an ammo clip with 8 live rounds of ammo. Police say the pistol and ammo were separated in the back pouch and unloaded when police retrieved it.

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